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Get to know your Neighbours


Do you know your Neighbours? Maybe you should

It seems like knowing your neighbours is a way of the past but more often than not we live even closer to the person beside, bellow, or above us. Our yards are smaller, suites in homes are increasingly more common, and there are just plain more people and houses. Yet, for some reason no one seems to know their neighbour. We all know about Mr Rogers and being Neighbourly and yet this propaganda from childhood, in the form of a slightly creepy and overly friendly man in loafers, seems to have had no effect. Knowing your neighbours is one of the best things you can do for your quality of living regardless of if you are renting or own your home for so many reasons. The biggest of these is because it is just plain nice.

Here are a few of the top reasons to go introduce yourself to your neighbours:

1) They can keep an eye on the place

Good relationships with your neighbours mean more eyes watching out for each other. It is pretty hard to know if there is a stranger lurking around your neighbours place if you do not even know what your neighbour looks like. As well neighbours are great for taking in mail while you are away on vacation, watering plants, maybe even watching your pets or your kids.

neighbours watching

2) It is easier to get along with someone you know

Especially in a rental property there are always issues with neighbours next door or bellow and above you. Lets face it we all have grumpy days when the sound of someone opening their garage door, playing in the back yard, or even just listening to music grinds our gears more than normal. It is a lot easier to get mad at the person living near you and complain to your landlord when you do not know that person. Making friends with your neighbours means it is a lot easier to ask them to keep it down on those days and avoid all the back and forth feuding and bringing your landlord into it.

neighbours handshake

3) Tradesies

Now this can be a money saver as well: trading things with your neighbours. Maybe I need to borrow a tool or some milk, it is not something I can ask of a stranger but good relationships with neighbours can benefit us financially. These things don’t have to be physical items either they can be favours exchanged. Maybe you need to move something heavy or fix something.

know your neighbours

4) You can never have enough friends in your social circle

No one wants to sit quietly in their rental home all the time concerned that their breathing is going to bring a noise complaint from their neighbour. Being friends with your neighbour means if you want to have a BBQ with some friends you can check to make sure it is ok with them, heck you can even invite them down! You can never have enough friends and when you were a kid your best friends always lived close by because you could just walk on over to their house, why not expand this into adulthood and make your neighbours some of your most frequently visited friends.

neighbourhood houses

5) Friends for your pets and/or kids

The friendships do not just stop between yourself and your neighbours, if your landlord is doing a good job they try to match like minded people close to each other which means if you have kids maybe your neighbours do too. Having pets and kids close by means your pets and your kids get more social time too which teaches them to love their neighbours. There are just so many wins here.


6) You can actually say “Hi” and use someone’s name

I am sure I am not the only one who dreams of a time when neighbours bring each other pie “just because”. Imagine being able to go off to work in the morning and seeing Bill, your neighbour, leaving at the same time and you are able to actually say “Good morning Bill”. Nothing could be better than camaraderie 24/7.


In the words of Mr Rogers “since we’re together might as well say, would you be mine, could you be mine, wont you be my neighbour.” I mean if they are going to live beside you anyways you may as well be friends with them.  

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