The three pillars that guide our team.


Over-the-top Customer Service

Our team is responsive, fair, and strives to raise the bar on offering top quality personalized service. Our local knowledge of housing and our in depth problem solving abilities help make our housing better, the service quicker, and everybody happier at the end of the day. 



Our rental accommodations are conveniently located in desirable neighbourhoods and we are extremely committed to re-investing and maintaining our properties. We are not a 3rd party manager. We own what we rent, so it is also in our best interest to keep our buildings in tip top shape. To best serve our valued residents we have our own dedicated building managers and friendly maintenance groups to help us provide unparalleled results.



For more than 14 years, we have been providing well-maintained rental accommodations offering both quality living and excellent customer service. Our properties are owned and managed with pride in the pursuit of long-term relationships with all of our residents.